Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Richie's Short Visit

Today my cousin Richie was in town for a few hours in the morning. He is moving up to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska and taking the ferry all the way up so that he can enjoy the scenery along the way. So I went to meet him at the ferry terminal and take him to see a few things in town before he had to get back on to continue on his way north. Sadly we only had about 4 hours and as such I didn't get a chance to show him much but it was still good to see him as it has been a few years.

His trip on the ferry, despite an unfortunate round of seasickness last night, has been awesome so far. The ferry is always fun to ride on and you get a chance to meet and talk with so many awesome people. He introduced me to a few guys he had been hanging out with on the ferry (all of whom were new to Alaska) and it was fun for me to listen to them talk about how amazing it is up here. They all had quite a few stories they wanted to share with me about how friendly and awesome they found all the locals on the ferry to be. Needless to say Richie and his friends on the ferry seemed to be very excited by the culture that exists up here.

Since we had such little time I just took Richie out for a short trip to the Shrine of St. Therese and over to the Mendenhall Glacier, which Richie was quite impressed by. He seemed genuinely excited to see a glacier ("this is like something you read about in school but never see") and to hear about some of my adventures taking hikes out to the glacier and climbing around in the ice caves.  I took him on a short walk out to the waterfall and tried to let him just soak in the beauty of it all. Sadly by that time it was time for Richie to get back on the ferry and continue on his way. I had a fun time chatting with him and hearing about how much he already loves Alaska and sincerely hope that he will come back to Juneau to spend a few days with me like he promised so I can take him on some amazing hikes. Good Luck on the rest of your travels Richie and I hope to see you in Juneau again sometime soon!!

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  1. Thanks Tressa, looks like he had a great time, your the best ! Mari ( Richies mom )