Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outer Space Baby Quilt

So one of my favorite events of the year, the SAIL auction and dinner is just around the corner. Every year I go and bid on amazing things and think to myself, I should make something to donate. However, every year it sneaks up on me and I don't get anything but a dessert made. This year I finally made a quilt to donate in addition to my dessert (which will be a Spiced Bourbon Apple Pie)!! I am really excited to donate this quilt to SAIL and fervently hope that it will raise them some funds.

It was a fairly easy quilt to make and as usual my favorite part of making it was the quilting. As soon as I decided to applique on a rocket ship in the corner I knew I had to actually quilt the fabric together using a star template. This was made a bit more challenging by the fact that I don't yet have a free motion quilting foot for my machine, but I figured out a way around it. I also threw in some lines for fun and I love the way it turned out!! Sorry for the poor picture quality but I wanted you to be able to see the quilting work on the quilt and the only way to accomplish that was to enhance the picture.

If you too are a fan of the quilt, simply buy your tickets to the auction dinner here and you can make a bid on it. And as usual here are a few more photos of this masterpiece: