Monday, June 4, 2012

New Machine

    Sorry I've been absent for awhile, I have been super busy with job interviews, applications and trying to buy a new sewing machine as my old one broke. It was a sad day when my old machine broke because it had taken me so far, taught me so many things and completed so many projects for me. Yet I was pretty excited because I had really outgrown that machine and now I had the perfect reason to get a new machine. I spent a lot of time researching different machines and trying to figure out what I wanted because I don't live in a place where I can test drive a machine and I knew I would have to buy one sight unseen. Also, I knew I couldn't live without a machine until August or September which is likely the next time I will be down south. Eventually I made a decision and bought a new machine that I was hoping would better suit my needs. And guess what?!? Today my new machine arrived!!!
   I must admit I was pretty excited to get it from the post office this morning, but it spent most of the day sitting in my room while I was out hiking and enjoying the hot summer day (as I write this I am sitting on my front deck in sweatpants and a tank top with bare feet and it's 9pm).

I know many of you think that it doesn't get hot up here but we do have our days. May was rainy and chilly and after a full month of that a day like today is appreciated by everyone in town. I was not the only person getting out to hike in this amazing weather....

When I did finally come home around 6:30 pm I thought I would break out my new machine and see how well it operates. I must say that so far I am pretty happy, it's much quieter than my old machine and and still really easy to operate. I decided that this hot summer day required an appropriate summer dress and made one real quick to test out the capabilities of my machine. I was quite happy with how the machine handled the task.

The dress does not look so great on the hanger but it looks much better when I am actually wearing it. Hopefully we will have some more wonderful summer weather in June and I will get to wear it!! I also made a matching head band from the scraps...

I am looking forward to making a baby quilt for my friends Justin and Gwen the next time we've got crappy weather!! Hopefully my new machine will handle that task with as much ease...

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